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We strongly recommend that you use CHROME as your browser of choice when navigating Moodle.

Google Chrome: Version 55.0.2883.95 .    Please download this version of Chrome:
https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html ?brand=CHBD&gclid=Cj0KEQiA _eXEBRDP8fnIlJDXxsIBEiQAAGfyoQVOpq9oCbicrYQRz2hwBiLNBlmso6tsX vomnI-VPeQaAvT18P8HAQ

 Firefox works on most, but not all videos. Please do not use Safari or Internet Explorer.  


Do not use the "change your password" option and please do not contact individual instructors if you are experiencing problems logging in or with courses.  

Contact H&CSTraining@cciu.org only.




All staff will continue to register for CPR and NCI trainings on My Learning Plan through August 2017.

The trainings should be posted in My Learning Plan by the third week in June.


  • Written directions for our  Electronic Medical Records System, Epitomax,  for BSC/MT and TSS, as well as the TSS training video, are available on this home page of Moodle.  You can view the training information by scrolling down the page and clicking on the applicable picture icon.  (bottom row of picture icons)
  • You will also have to enable pop-ups in your browser while in Epitomax. Click on the Enabling Pop-ups picture icon for instructions. (next to bottom row of picture icons).
  • Within Epitomax, TSS are known as Providers, and BSCs/MTs are known as Clinicians.
  • All may use the Certifying Signature Page. (bottom row of picture icons)
  • Written Directions for using  Epitomax are also posted on the Moodle Resources page (scroll down and click on Resources picture icon below).


Scroll down to the QUICK LINKS picture icons to access trainings and other resources.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THROUGH  August 2017:

My Learning Plan/Moodle:  Checking your completed trainings:

-You can check to see which trainings you have successfully completed by logging into My Learning Plan and clicking on "My Portfolio" on the left.  It will have them in order by date recorded. 

-There is a delay of up to seven weeks to post recently completed trainings. This will include both online and in-person trainings.

-Username and Password are the same: initials (usually upper-case) followed by the last six digits of your SSN, no spaces.  If you have difficulty logging into MLP, contact Anne Robertson:  anner@cciu.org


Moodle Information:

Scroll down to the QUICK LINKS to access trainings and other resources.

-Prior to navigating Moodle, you must check to see if your computer has the required software upgrades and capabilities.  Click on Introduction to Moodle in the "Getting Started" box on this page.

-For the Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training, click on the picture icon below.  Child Abuse Mandated Reporter forms, incident reports, information and procedures for making referrals are available near the top of the Resources page (click picture icon below). 

-Important information about Training, Supervision, Contact Information and Resources (including all forms) are linked to the picture icons below.  Please click on the designated picture.  

-All Moodle courses (trainings) other than PCA ITT Tracker are linked to the ONLINE TRAININGS picture icon below.

Only staff who have a TSS case will be required to attend weekly supervision according to DHS regulations.  ---

If you are both a TSS and a PCA, you must attend TSS Supervision.



H&CS Information:

-If you encounter issues of Fraud, Waste or (Administrative/Clinical) Abuse, speak with your Case Management Team or County Coordinator.  You are also encouraged to contact the Medical Assistance Compliance Officer for Chester County Intermediate Unit, our Program Supervisor, Catherine McCarthy.  You can contact her directly at catherinem@cciu.org.  Additional information is available in Moodle Resources and also in Corporate Compliance.

-REMEMBER: The Corporate Compliance training, available on Moodle, is REQUIRED by all staff on an annual basis.  This is a requirement of not just H&CS, but also of the Dept. of Human Services. Failure to complete training requirements will be treated as an employment issue.

-All training requirements can be found by clicking on the Training Requirements picture icon below, where you will also find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about trainings.



  • When instructed by your Case Management Team, please view the "PCA ITT Tracker Instructional Video."  Scroll down to the picture icons (next to last row) below.
  • The ITT Manual may be accessed by clicking on the applicable picture icon below.  

PCAs DO NOT USE Epitomax for PCA clients! 


Calling all TSS/PCAs: Are you interested in becoming a BSC? Read all about it near the top of the Resources page! (click on Resources picture icon below.)



Directions for accessing My Learning Plan for CPR, NCI and in-person elective trainings are available on the Resources page.

Any Questions??        Contact H&CSTraining@cciu.org


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Updates to Epitomax

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